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CENTRON11 gives engines , transmissions and other machinery:

Smoother Running , Cold Start Lubrication , Lower Oil Consumption , Higher Power – Less Engine Stress , Lower Operating Temperature, Better Fuel Consumption and a Cleaner Environment.

There are Centron Products to reduce maintenance and running costs of all machinery.

Find out more about the full CENTRON Range…..


Centron have a product to help solve your Friction Problems.

Friction Means Wear: Cut Friction , by using CENTRON 11 , then you Cut down on Component wear. Less Friction means Less Drag so you save money on Fuel and get more Power.


The Centron Product range includes:
Centron FC-0008  ‘A’ and ‘B’ Fuel Conditioner: Suitable for Petrol & Diesel fuel. This is a 2 part treatment. Part A treats the fuel lines and pumps and injectors or carburettors. Part B treats the fuel with each tankful. It allows you to get the most out of your fuel and you add just 15mls for every 10 litres of fuel. For cents per tankful you save dollars every time.

Use it in all engine types: from mowers to trucks, 2stroke and 4stroke , petrol and diesel.


Centron Engine , Transmission , Differential , Compressor and Hydraulic Treatments:

These 2 part treatments use Electro-Phoresis Dynamics  (EPD). Instead of relying on heat or friction to coat the engine parts , EPD utilises the bar magnet quality of Polarity, the universal principal that opposite poles attract.

The Pre-treatment is the Polariser. This gives the metal surfaces a powerful CATIONIC or Electro-positive Charge. The Treatment itself, the ANIONIC, or Electro-negative, seeks out the cationic and locks onto the metal surface.

The result is long term ( 100,000  kilometres+ ) protection.

This bonding ensures complete protection of internal parts. Easy, straight forward treatments that you can do yourself or get your local mechanic to do for you , when you service your vehicle.

You will get more power , better fuel economy and greatly reduce the repair costs for your vehicle.


Centron E-3008 MCF Engine Treatment

Centron C-3008 MCF Compressor Treatment

Centron G-3005 MCF and G-9005 MCF Gear  Treatment

Centron H-2008 MCF Hydraulic Treatment

Centron CCT-1008 Combustion Chamber / 2-Stroke Engine Treatment


Centron NM-550EP MCF Non-Melting Grease: 

Its outstanding combination of benefits make it the Finest Grease available for most applications.

Centron NM-550EP MCF is recommended for applications that demand a high level of performance, especially in the following areas:

·       High Corrosive environment

·       Extreme moisture conditions

·       -278*F to +550*F

·       Excessive operating pressures.

·       Where regular lubrication intervals are difficult due to inaccessibility or irregular attention.

·       Equipment overloading or mishandling is possible.

·       Equipment where downtime is costly.

          ·       Great for Boats and Boat engines, Boat Trailers , Wheel Bearings , Fishing Reels and Camping Gear as well as all Cars, Truck, Bikes, Tractors and all other machinery.

Centron FG-292 MCF Food Grease

Contact us for details of the treatments you need to protect your equipment. Quantities of the products and pricing is determined by the size of the equipment being treated.

Centron treats machinery from Brush Cutters to the largest Loaders used in Open Cut Mines , and everything in between.

If it has an engine or moving parts then there is a Centron product to protect your investment. 

Narooma Leisure Craft can supply all the Centron Products to treat your machinery.

Trade Enquiries Welcome.


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